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Rukiga Town


Following my fieldwork research in Rukiga District and after having a tour Kashambya, Bukinda. This information was gathered through a collection of methods including interviewing of focal people well conversant with the tourism sites, observation as well as different tools especially a camera to capture pictorial views of the sites.

The exercise was carried out every year since 2019 touring all the sites included in this report.

The main objective of this exercise was to identify the tourism potentials found in Rukiga District which shall be capitalized on for attracting tourism investment. In addition, the exercise was aimed to identify good sites to act as campsites.


A cave is a natural void in the ground, specifically a space large enough for a human to enter. Caves often form by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground. The word cave can also refer to much smaller openings such as sea caves, rock shelters.

It has caves that naturally occurred and are being planned for improvement into cave houses that will be (art of off-grid houses for accommodation. These caves include Mubingwa, Tirwabuuza and Ekigwisa Njura.

All these caves are located in Hakatuntu village, Kitanga parish, kashambya sub-county, Rukiga District. Just 7km from the main road (Muhanga- Kisiizi road). They are currently located in places where there is no homestead and there continue to be used for shelter against rain.

Mubingwa Cave

It is located in a hill known as Rwakiibi and was owned by Mubingwa and hence the name Mubingwa Cave. In the early 1900s, the cave was used by some animals and bird especially porcupine, later in 1920 the people started clearing the land for garniture and grazing animals and the wildlife migrated to other parts of the village, that were relatively undisturbed by human activities.

Tirwabuuza cave

Located in hill known as Mukakibayu, was owned by Tiewabuza. It was a habitat for wild life and later used by people to shelter against rain. In 1982, there was a huge storm that generated huge amount of surface runoff that rolled over the rock cave. This storm water swept approximately 8 people and killed a 7 year old boy and injured his mother, whose clothes were removed by the violent storm water and was found naked. All other persons escaped with minor injuries.

Ekigwisa Njura also known as Kinyata.

This cave is located in an area known as Kamajugo. It was owned by a man known as Kinyata like other caves in Rukiga district, this cave was also used by wildlife and later by human beings.

In 1942, fire originated from millet cultivators but the bush and this man Kinyata hid 3 other young people in this cave and miraculously survived death that killed 1 person that were grazing animals at the time.


It was called Mukombe because it has a face of like a person.

This cave is found in Murutunga cell, Kitunga parish, Kashambya Sub-county. The cave is believed to be a home for old people. It is a place where people lived before they started building houses. It has three channels, one side is for visitors on the right side, the left side is for relatives and the upper part is for children.

It is a place where animals would give birth from like bats and others. It is located in a land of a man called Bukyakale who inherited that land from his father.

The photo above shows the some of Rukiga district local government staff and Hon. Council during the inspection at Mukombe Cave


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